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Sender pro is the one and only marketing software that can send unlimited messages with no per message cost. Pay once and send unlimited messages with  Sender pro. No much channel needed to send unlimited messages.

Take your business to the new level with the promotion. Sender pro is the fastest and ultimate tool to send a message to thousands of users.

What is Sender Pro?

Sender pro is a similar tool like Bulk Sender. It’s an automated all in one blasting tool with all kinds of automation functionality. Send text, image, video, and document with sender pro. Get keygen and use the unlimited license key.

Why use Sender Pro?

Are you looking to increase your profits through bulk Marketing? If so, then you will need the ultimate Bulk Marketing Software for Bulk Messaging to your target market!

How to Use Blaster Bulk Sender 

•  Download and install Sender pro.

•  Run the software “Sender Pro”

•  First, click on the option “Import Channels”

•  Then add “Image”, “Vcard”, and “Location” in the required fields

•  Give the caption relevant to the Marketing Campaign

•  On the right side of the window, you will see the option “Add”. Enter the recipient’s Number. In case, if you wish to send the message to 1000s of recipients in a single shot, import the extracted mobile numbers.

•  Now click the “Start” button.

•  It will nearly 4-5 minutes to send the message to all the recipients.

•  To measure the success of your campaign, there is an option named “Show Delivery Report”. By clicking this option, you will receive the detailed report of the messages sent and failed.

Sender Pro Features

  • Unlimited Messages
  • Unlimited License
  • Updates & Support
  • Cost Effective
  • Number Generator
  • No much channel needed
  • Personalized Inbox
  • Report
  • Chat Reply
  • Customize Messages
  • Customized Sender ID
  • Track each message


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